Canterbury Chesterfield Sleigh Fabric Bed - 5ft King Size


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This beautiful Chesterfield Sleigh bed frame features a unique design in a neutral grey colour that will add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom. crafted from quality materials, it is suitable for any bedroom style.

The flat-packed design offers easy assembly and portability. Durable and sturdy, this bed will last you years of comfortable sleeping. If you enjoy reading before settling down for the night, finishing up some last-minute work, or just catching up with TV before a good nights sleep. a suitable headrest is just what you need.

Its the perfect recipe for the ultimate comfort and support. Your pillows will never slide off the mattress edge again (a slight inconvenience to some but a real game-changer for others). We certainly fall into the latter of these two groups! All in all, headboards are easy to maintain, and their benefits are undeniable, and if you require, we can design you accompanying under-bed storage space. If that's of interest, be sure to reach out and contact us.

Manufactured in Britain and this is also available as standard or storage lift up with various bed sizes and choice of several colours in plush, Hercules fabric, linen or even wool. Upholstered to perfection.


3ft Single
4ft Small Double
4ft 6in Double
5ft King Size
6ft Super King Size

Canterbury Chesterfield Sleigh Fabric Bed - 5ft King Size
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